Credit repair specialists in New York

Whether you doubt that your credit might be slightly “stained” or you have been taking “No” as an answer to all your loan applications, 1 Stop Home Solutions LLC can help. We are an established Real Estate Company in Brooklyn, New York that not only helps people of New York find their dream home, but also helps them improve their overall credit profile.

We feel pride in sharing that we have successfully improved our clients’ credit profiles in as little as 90 days by removing flaws like collection accounts, late payments, judgments and bankruptcies. All the work done by 1 Stop Home Solutions LLC conforms to all State and Federal laws and the Fair Credit Reporting Act. So, you can rest assure of great services and no credit repair scams.

We understand how important credit scores are in today’s tougher loan requirements. Our effective and tried-and-true credit repair program improves your credit by assisting you remove the items that takes your credit score down. When the questionable items are removed, you will qualify for a home loan. Our team of experts comprises of experienced loan officers and credit consultants who create a customized credit repair loan approval pathway for our each client.

Each client receives an individualized credit repair plan that takes into account their credit challenges and personal goals. Credit repair can be a tricky task, but our credit repair consultants have the knowledge, experience and methods to assist you improve your credit. Another important advantage is that our credit repair process is specifically customized at getting you a home loan approval.

Our credit consultants can have your credit restored within a few short months. They work mutually with our real estate agent, and your loan officer. This makes the complete process efficient and effective. We specialize in repairing credit score of people whose loan applications have been turned down or who have been told no. We believe for repairing bad credit, there is no one-size-fits-all solution, which is why our reliable credit repair experts make it a priority to deliver customized service throughout.

Let 1 Stop Home Solutions LLC help you restore your credit and assist you get approved for a home loan. We look forward to hear from you and are very excited to assist you repair your credit score.