Easy and fast source for hard money loans

Are you a successful real estate investor buying property in Brooklyn and surrounding areas and profiting from leasing or flipping property? Yes! Then you must be aware that one of the key barrier is finding a real estate investing firm or a bank that will loan you the money you require to acquire more rental property or buy an investment home. Banks are wonderful at offering construction loans for remodeling or new projects, but they are not really interested in making a hard money loan.

But, that doesn’t mean there is no other way out. 1 Stop Home Solutions LLC is here to help. Yes, our services are not only limited to helping our clients find a home or a tenant, but we also provide hard money loan services to assist our clients own the property that they find worth the money. 1 Stop Home Solutions LLC is a trusted money lender in the Brooklyn. We provide secure, reasonable, fast real estate loans that enable our clients to close quickly on residential or commercial property investment. We issue real estate financing that avoids the requirements of conventional lenders and time consuming process.

We are proud to be one of the most looked up hard money lenders in the market offering fast and reliable services. We present all our customers with easy and quick loan process, irrespective of their credit rating. So, no matter even if you don’t have an exceptional credit rating, we can and will work with you. We understand that each client is unique and timing is everything when purchasing a real estate property that is why we are so successful at giving hard money loans for a huge variety of real estate properties and investments in Brooklyn.

You have found the right lender for your residential and commercial real estate investments. We are sure that you would love our easy lending process and fast turnaround on real estate financing at reasonable rates. We guarantee you complete peace of mind and 100% customer satisfaction.

So, head straight to us for hard money loans.