Investor friendly services

As a reputed and established real estate service provider we understand how crucial and significant real estate investment in today’s uncertain economic times. When investing in real estate market you need to be sure of optimal returns on your investment. As an investor you must have a clear picture of the projected value of the project you are investing in, which is determined through rental income, property appreciation or a mix of both. This is where 1 Stop Home Solutions step in.
We advise investors and developers on joint venture agreements and funding, we offer a comprehensive range of personalized valuation services for almost all type of scheme from shophouse conversions to sophisticated multi-million dollar mixed residential and commercial projects.
We provide complete spectrum of valuation services which includes:

  • Mergers and acquisitions work
  • Valuation analysis & commentary
  • Viability reports
  • Litigation & expert witness
  • Site and property appraisals
  • Investment portfolio valuation and consultancy
  • Asset valuation

We spend a lot of time assessing our clients’ needs, working with them and building reliable and trustworthy relationship. We make sure that we establish a good relationship with our clients, so we both can benefit from that relationship over and over again. We have been in the real estate sector from long and have great contacts with developer. Additionally, we stay updated about the market conditions and assist you know that how you can get the maximum Return on Investment.
We are one of the best and most accredited investor friendly agents in Brooklyn. So, look no further and contact us today for more details.